Peter Machinis

Peter Machinis’ Discusses His Numerous Passions From BBQ To Attending Auto Shows

Peter Machinis has a deep passion for great-tasting food and fast cars. He spends much of his time traveling to various car shows while also taking photos. He runs his own blog where you can find several of his articles and photos as well as a diversified portfolio.

As far as car shows go, Peter Machinis is definitely someone you’d want to attend with. He can tell you all kinds of neat facts and interesting things about cars and car manufacturers. Peter Machinis recently gave a prediction that is so far coming true: Peter Machinis says when talking about his feelings about what it will take for automobile manufacturers to succeed in 2020. “The top layer for auto manufacturers are supercars. Many of these cars have been outfitted with IoT and machine learning capabilities. These new technology trends tend to trickle from the top down so expect manufacturers to offer these services in 2020.”

Peter Machinis not only attends car shows and keeps his hunger at bay by visiting restaurants with delicious BBQ, but he also photographs at these events. Sometimes, he takes photos for his own personal blog while other times his pictures end up in magazines and other places online. The Auto Show hosted out of Chicago has always been one of Peter Machinis‘ favorites. He attended the show this past February and was supposed to attend another one in June but because of COVID-19, the show was canceled. If you’re into Toyota Highlanders, Peter says “this [2020] model really stands out to those who need the practicality of an SUV but also want the fun of a sporty sedan. The interior is truly stunning with two-toned red and black leather-trimmed seats and ambient lighting. Toyota lovers can rejoice because, in addition to the upgraded Toyota Highlander, six other special-edition models have rolled out at the Chicago Auto Show.”

The current pandemic crisis has caused a lot of confusion in the world and has stopped many events from taking place. Even though car shows are no longer taking place like they were, this hasn’t stopped or hindered Peter Machinis‘ love for fast cars and BBQ. You can always keep up with Peter by visiting his website. He has a portfolio page as well as a blog. You can learn all about Peter through his blog postings, as well as look at some of his photos.

Peter has done what we all love: he has taken his passions and found a way to use them to propel his career toward further success. If you like fast cars and BBQ, Peter’s site is definitely one you will want to check out. Hopefully, once the pandemic crisis comes under greater control, Peter will be able to get back out and attend car shows. For now, he spends most of his time trying out different BBQ hot spots and working on his website. Make sure to check out his website every so often to learn about the latest happenings in the car manufacturing industry. Peter will keep you up to date on the latest fast cars, the latest events taking place, and so much more. He is your go-to guy for all things related to fast cars and great-tasting BBQ. He truly is a one-of-a-kind type of guy. If you ever see him out at a car show or BBQ store, make sure to give him a wave or stop and say hi to him.

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