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Missing Your Favorite Greek Restaurant Dish? Food Enthusiast Peter Machinis Shares Four Recipes Worth Trying at Home

While most of us are stuck at home these days, some are finding creative ways to travel the world without venturing outside their door. Just ask Peter Machinis, a Chicago native and avid foodie. He’s experimenting with countless recipes in his kitchen, and has a palate for classic Greek mediterannean cuisine.

“There’s nothing else quite like authentic Greek food,” says Peter Machinis. “It’s so easy to make at home. Most of the ingredients are already in your kitchen. A lot of people are surprised by that.”

With everything hectic happening in the world right now, it might be worth treating yourself to an authentic Greek experience. Peter Machinis shares four of his foolproof favorite recipes to try.


Peter Machinis’s Greek Fave #1: Loukoumades


These Greek style doughnuts are a great way to change up a boring breakfast routine. Resembling honey puffs, they’re easy to make at home if you feel adventurous enough to fry them the day before. Simply make the dough with yeast and let it rise for a few hours. After they’re fried, coat them in a traditional syrup made with honey and sugar. You can also serve them with maple syrup and fruit… or chocolate sauce and ice cream for a dessert twist!


Peter Machinis’s Greek Fave #2: Tzatziki


If you haven’t made this staple Greek condiment yet, you’re definitely missing out. The classic Greek dip is quite versatile. From pita snacks to lamb and beef centerpieces, it can be used for just about anything. It’s easy to make at home – simply stir diced cucumber, garlic, olive oil, and fresh herbs into Greek yogurt. If all you have is plain yogurt, you can easily strain it and add sour cream.


Peter Machinis’s Greek Fave #3: Revani


Baklava isn’t the only delectable Greek dessert. Revani is a type of sponge cake with citrus notes. It’s easy to bake at home. The flavor is amazing! There are different recipe variations, but all of them incorporate flour, simple syrup, butter, milk, orange and lemon zest.


Peter Machinis’s Greek Fave #4: Youvetsi


This meat and orzo stew sticks to your ribs and is surprisingly affordable. Traditional recipes call for lamb, but you can also use beef cuts. Youvetsi is usually served as a Sunday dinner and it’s a great way to use up leftovers. If you’re cooking with fresh meat, sear it in the pan first to get a delicious browned flavor. Youvetsi also incorporates tomatoes, carrots, onions, leeks, and a bottle of wine.


More Recipe Ideas from Peter Machinis


Eager for more recipe ideas to try at home? Be on the lookout for future posts from the Philanthropist Foodie Guru Peter Machinis. Known for covering all the best flavor profiles of Chicago, he’ll show you how you can eat good anywhere – and even at home.