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Peter Machinis

Missing Your Favorite Greek Restaurant Dish? Food Enthusiast Peter Machinis Shares Four Recipes Worth Trying at Home

While most of us are stuck at home these days, some are finding creative ways to travel the world without venturing outside their door. Just ask Peter Machinis, a Chicago native and avid foodie. He’s experimenting with countless recipes in his kitchen, and has a palate for classic Greek mediterannean cuisine. “There’s nothing else quite like authentic Greek food,” says […]

Peter Machinis

Travel in the Post Covid-19 World

With airlines being bailed out with billions of government dollars, it’s no surprise that the travel industry will look vastly different after this entire pandemic situation is over. “What we look forward to will be actually getting out there again,” says travel expert Peter Machinis. Unlike several other experts, Peter Machinis has found himself on […]

Peter Machinis

Peter Machinis Advocates for WINGS Philanthropy

Philanthropist and volunteer, Peter Machinis, explains the life-changing efforts being made by the WINGS program.  Domestic violence takes many shapes and forms, impacting a woman in the United States every 9 seconds. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence defines it as “the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part […]